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RADIUS authentication in SQL Developer on MacOS

Configure SQL Developer to use RADIUS (two-factor/MFA or other reasons) for authentication into an Oracle instance on modern MacOS.

Postgres foreign data wrapper for Oracle (oracle_fdw) on MacOS

The Ecto adapter landscape currently lacks an Oracle option, but you can use Postgres' foreign data wrapper feature to connect to a remote Oracle database. This posts will help you get oracle_fdw installed on newer versions of MacOS running SIP (System Integrity Protection).

Using erloci to talk to Oracle in Elixir

A handful of examples of interacting with an Oracle data from Elixir via the erloci Erlang library.

The Roman Numerals kata

Sandi Metz's Make Everything the Same post got me thinking about my own solution to the Roman Numerals kata and how it differed from so many others'

Self-sourcing bash profile

Get ~/.bash_profile changes to self-source.

Using ssh bastion hosts without going mad

A simple ssh configuration to transparently agent-forward through a bastion host.

In search of better PeopleSoft effective date queries, Part 2

A continued exploration of alternative techniques for making PeopleSoft effective date queries more readable and maintainable by composing subrelations and destructuring with the WITH clause.

Simple markdown note taking—launched from the command line

How I ditched Evernote for markdown/vim with a tiny bash script for taking notes.

In search of better PeopleSoft effective date queries

A join-based approach for speeding up PeopleSoft effective date queries and un-burdening your brain with WHERE clauses that are a mile long.

Query for primary keys on a PeopleSoft table

PeopleSoft tables don't use real primary keys—they use logical primary keys. So if you want to find the keys for say, the acad_prog_tbl table, one usually has to resort to venturing into the PeopleSoft web application (or worse, App Designer). If you want to save yourself this pain, you can query these keys from one of PeopleSoft's setup tables, pskeydefn.